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Podcast 42 – Sandra Oh

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So…this happened!

Oh yes. Podcast coming soon!

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Turns out Sandra Oh reads my blogs!  Of course I had to get her on the podcast to dish about food and body image.


Find out more about Sandra’s latest project, Window Horses – an animated feature that she is voicing and producing.  They’re currently raising money for an IndieGogo Campaign – check out and contribute – there are some incredible perks, including a dinner date!

Download the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.  I’d love it if you’d subscribe and leave a rating/review to help others find the show!


Feminist Apparel

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I’ve written about feminism on this blog before. Growing up, I didn’t think the term “feminist” applied to me. I doubt anyone else did, either. I was a boy-crazy, Barbie-loving, body-bashing chick. I mean, I used the word “chick” do describe myself.

Who am I kidding – I still do!

My sophomore year in college, I saw Ani diFranco perform and it changed my life. I suddenly realized that I had the right to choose how I identified myself and interacted with others – and that there was room to question and embrace the values I’d been taught for years.

I became a Women’s Studies Major soon after and have never stopped calling myself a feminist since. I must admit, even within feminist circles, it surprises me how I represent a minority within a minority – but still find power within that. That is how I fuel my activism with Thick Dumpling Skin, NEDA, and this blog.


Now I finally have an online store to help me voice my opinions! Feminist Apparel offered to send me one of their shirts – I chose this one, since it’s a classic.


Julius thought so, too.




See, if my Senior, Male Jack Russell can call himself “feminist,” you can too.


Speaking of fierce feminists, my Thick Dumpling Skin co-founder Lisa Lee was on NPR’s Tell Me More yesterday!


Podcast 29 – Rachelle Wood

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Episode 29 of The Actor’s Diet Podcast features Rachelle Wood, who started off as a blog reader and has become a really good friend.

We chat (over lunch at Panera Bread) about body image, maternity modeling (she’s done the Target AND Old Navy campaigns) and the best places to eat in The Valley.


Download the episode on iTunes or Stitcher.  (Are people still listening?  If so a review or rating would really help!)