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Six Years, 5D

The Actor’s Diet turns six today! Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 We celebrated Emily’s birthday at Hinoki and the Bird… …the pumpkin toasts were delicious (above) as were the arancini (below) and so was their teeny lobster roll (click to view), but then it got dark and I had to put the camera away.  For

Trick or Treat

I’ve never loved trick-or-treating.  There, I said it! I don’t want to walk in the cold.   I don’t want my neighbors to know what my pillowcases look like.  BUT I WANT CANDY.  And I definitely want a glimpse into other people’s homes. I haven’t gone since the 80’s; I thought I’d try again, virtually.  I knocked on the doors of some