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Trick or Treat

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I’ve never loved trick-or-treating.  There, I said it!

I don’t want to walk in the cold.   I don’t want my neighbors to know what my pillowcases look like.  BUT I WANT CANDY.  And I definitely want a glimpse into other people’s homes.

I haven’t gone since the 80’s; I thought I’d try again, virtually.  I knocked on the doors of some of my favorite bloggers to see what they were giving out/chewing on.  The talented Ashley Quach was kind enough to bring their responses to life.


Grace, Design Sponge: My favorite candy is a Mini Kit Kat. All day every day. It doesn’t even need to be Halloween.


Jenny, Picky Palate: My favorite candy to give out is the candy bar combo bag from Costco.  I like to eat Kit Kat and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.


Kath, Kath Eats Real Food: I always give out the Hershey’s Special Dark miniatures! First, because dark chocolate is good for ya and simple chocolate is a better choice than some of the more artificial options out there, but second because it’s my favorite candy to steal from my own trick or treat bowl.


Diane and Todd, White on Rice Couple: We haven’t given out Halloween candy in a while cause our neighborhood kids don’t come down our street that often. But when we do, we usually pass out the stuff we like to eat in case there’s left over: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, Butterfingers and Kit Kat. All the good chocolate bars in mini size.


Katie, Chocolate Covered Katie: Endangered Species’ Mint Chocolate Squares or Nibmor’s Daily Dose of Dark Mint Chocolate Squares.


Molly, My Name is Yeh: GUMMY BEARRRRRRRRRS. I buy them “for the trick or treaters” knowing I’m not going to get any trick or treaters out in the middle of nowhere (or in my apartment in New York before that…) and then OOOPS WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITH ALL THESE LEFTOVER BEARS?? Might as well soak em in booze and then eat them.


Naomi Robinson, Bakers Royale: Candy I like to give: chocolate candy bars – any kind. When I was kid we loved getting those the most. Candy I like to eat the most: Mounds – love the dark chocolate and coconut, Dark Chocolate Kit Kat – love the dark chocolate and the snap of the wafers inside.


Cara, Big Girls Small Kitchen: This will be the first year in a long time that we’ll live in a building with kids. I think we’ll likely give out Mounds Bars and Reese’s Pieces – the first because I adore them and the second because not everybody does (more for me).


Kiersten, Oh My Veggies: I usually buy one of those variety packs that has a little of everything so kids have something to choose from. Even though my blog focuses on whole foods, I have no problem with treats either, so we usually hand out things like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit-Kats, and Sour Patch Kids. My favorite kind to eat are red Twizzlers!


Adam, Amateur Gourmet: My favorite to give out are Reese’s Peanut Butter cups – the big ones – because everyone loves those. My favorite to eat is anything sour: in particular, Sour Patch Kids, but I also enjoy sour watermelons, sour grapefruit slices, and sour peaches.


Siri, Siriously Delicious: You’ve got to stick with the hits, none of this pretzels/raisins/goldfish baloney. And don’t get me started on pencils. Pencils?!? Anyway, my favs are mini Caramello’s, Mounds and Starbursts and you can never, EVER go wrong with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.


Tina, Carrots n Cake: We usually give out fun size chocolate candy (Kit Kats, Reese’s PB Cups, etc.) and my favorite kind to eat is an Almond Joy or Candy Corn Pumpkins.


Joy, Joy the Baker: Halloween is coming up and I’m super looking forward to eating and giving away Peanut Butter Cups. A classic. I’m also super stoked to throw beads and candy off my balcony in the French Quarter. It’ll be pretty insane.


Kate, Cookie and Kate: I’ve actually never lived in a place where trick or treaters come to visit, until now! I’d have to say that mini Reese’s are my favorite (or even better, Trader Joe’s dark chocolate version, but I don’t think those come in individual wrappers). So I’ll probably be giving out Reese’s!


As for me, I’ll be sharing my lollipop addiction with the ‘hood.  What about you?




Hey guys. I’m still here.  I’m still eating cupcakes.  But I’m not doing so well.


Personal stuff is going on – and even though I’ve blogged through pain before, my website is acting wonky (won’t load any old posts).  So until I find someone who can help me out, I’ll be taking a little blog break.  Follow along on Instagram/Twitter – @mslynnchen/@actorsdiet on both accounts – where I’ll be more active until things smooth out.


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I’m Five


Whenever someone turns five, I sing this song.

Well guess who’s a big blog now?  I’m FIVE!!!

Blogging has changed a lot since I started in 2009 – I’m now having fun using this site as a platform for various projects – from the podcast to all my BuzzFeed videos with Abe

…thanks for sticking with me all these years (and with the new format, too).  I wish I had time to throw a party with y’all, but it’s just not possible right now – however, Sweet XO (a candy/dessert/boutique) is offering a $50 gift card to one of my SoCal readers.


They have five locations for you to go sugar crazy.  Enter below.

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