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Recipe: Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cake

Here’s the bundt cake I almost messed up for Abe’s birthday.  As you can see, everything turned out just fine. Cast of characters (yes, my peanut butter is as large as the cake box)… …I used this recipe with a few adjustments – there’s no oil in the cake, just pb. The cake was delicious, too.  It tasted like a

Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Brownies

…aka the dessert I brought to Corey/Joy’s dinner.  I often rely on mixes for baking, but whenever I’m doing a gluten free dessert, I definitely turn to the box. This is actually a new formula for Trader Joe’s – honestly, I don’t remember having a problem with the old one.  But I did change things up this time by adding butter


Whenever I make a cake in the bundt pan, I use a Baking Spray with Flour.  There was none in the house yesterday, so I utilized the traditional technique of buttering/flouring a pan. Looks like my Junior High Home Ec memory’s a bit rusty…there was too much flour!  (To my credit, it did come out of the pan in one