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Podcast 41 – Roxana Jullapat

Okay, bakers, get ready to geek out.  My 41st guest of The Actor’s Diet Podcast is Roxana Jullapat!  We recorded a short episode before lunch service started at Cooks County, talking all about that #ChefLife.   Here’s just some of the treats she’s helped develop (all photos taken from her mouthwatering Instagram account)… You can also follow Roxana on Twitter, or via the

The ABC’s of Vegan Baking

Apple Cobbler perfection… …and warm chocolate chip cookies.  These are just two of the many magical vegan desserts you can experience at Crossroads. I asked the pastry chef, Serafina Magnussen, to share some of her expertise. What are your recommended butter/egg substitutes? Eggs are the trickiest ingredient to substitute when baking. What you replace the egg with all depends on

(Almost) Vegan Poke Cake

I have been wanting to bake a poke cake FOREVER.  I decided to make a vegan version, using a boxed cake mix, Pumpkin Coconut Milk* and flax seed eggs.  When the cake is done, poke poke poke… …then pour on a homemade custard (made from the same Coconut Milk) – let is soak into where you got pokey… …and “frost”