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Podcast 42 – Sandra Oh

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So…this happened!

Oh yes. Podcast coming soon!

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Turns out Sandra Oh reads my blogs!  Of course I had to get her on the podcast to dish about food and body image.


Find out more about Sandra’s latest project, Window Horses – an animated feature that she is voicing and producing.  They’re currently raising money for an IndieGogo Campaign – check out and contribute – there are some incredible perks, including a dinner date!

Download the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.  I’d love it if you’d subscribe and leave a rating/review to help others find the show!


Podcast 39 – Jeff Meacham

acting - eating disorders - podcast


My 39th guest on The Actor’s Diet Podcast is someone I’ve known for a long time – Christy’s husband, Jeff!  He currently has two recurring roles on TV – one on The Thundermans and one on Black-ish


…we also tackle the serious subject of eating disorders.  So grateful to Jeff for sharing his story.  Reach out/follow him on twitter, or check him out on The Open Sky Fitness Podcast, which he co-hosts.

Listen here, or download this episode on iTunes or Stitcher.



A Decade Later

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I think back to who these women were in this photo, 10 years ago.  This was the world premiere of Saving Face, at the Toronto Film Festival.

  • I was full of joy – it was my first movie, the audience response was tremendous, and on Opening Night Sony Pictures Classics announced they would be distributing the film and bringing us to Sundance.
  • I was full of excitement – I completely lost my voice during day 2 of the press junkets – Abe wandered around the streets of Canadian Chinatown trying to find the “magic herbs” my Mom told him he needed to buy me.
  • I was full of fear – my binge eating was at its worst.  I didn’t care that I felt sick during Q&A’s and had a long flight home.  I was too afraid to feel any of the above.

Well, a decade later, and I’m not the same person.  But in a lot of ways I am.  The ups and downs haven’t disappeared, but the ability to experience it has.


(Reunited in 2012, Photo by Jennifer Yin)

P.S. Joan Chen started a food blog!