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Chee and T

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This is my 4th time working with Tanuj – an honor to kick off his latest feature, Chee and T!


He reassembled a lot of the old crew – it’s always fun to work with Pavy


…who had some extra tricks in his makeup bag for me…


…and Romy, who crafted another cool look that I would never think of.

IMG_6938 IMG_6942

Lunch was from French Market Cafe in Venice – sandwiches…


…salads, and quiche.


I have a teeny tiny part and am now done, but the rest of the movie still has to be made!  Follow along on Twitter/Instagram with #CheeandT to watch the action as it unfolds.



Podcast 36 – Ki Hong Lee

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My 36th guest of The Actor’s Diet Podcast is Ki Hong Lee!

Ki Hong and I met a few years ago during a play reading – I couldn’t be more thrilled to watch his career bloom and grow and EXPLODE!


The Maze Runner comes out September 19th.  He’s also in ABC’s The Whispers, and just wrapped a role in the Wong Fu Movie.  You can hear the episode/subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.  Thanks to Goh Nakamura for providing music!


What’s New Pussycat

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See this box?  It means I’m busy with meetings and will hopefully have news to share…


…my twinsie Emily has some GREAT stuff going on!  If anyone is in Atlanta, hit her up with food suggestions!

When I’m not prepping for potential gigs I’m spending a lot of time with bloggers…


Mauro’s Cafe above (photo by Emily) and Honeymee below (photo by Natalie)…


…but mostly getting a lot of work done at home, which means quick, unphotogenic food.


My latest obsession is a crockpot sweet potato tossed into TJ’s Carrot Ginger Soup and salads.


World Premiere of the new Slanted episode today!  I filmed this all the way back in 2010 with Andrea, Feo, and Randall – I think we all pretty much look the same.  (FYI our part is at the end, when the credits roll).

P.S. One of my favorite annual food events is coming up – get your Plate by Plate Tickets for August 2nd now – they’ve got a “Bring a Date” Special this year!