What is The Actor’s Diet?

Hi!  I’m Lynn Chen.  I’ve been performing since I was five-years-old and blogging since 2009.   Now I’m also a food host, podcaster, public speaker, and body image activist.  The Actor’s Diet is not a plan to tell you how to lose weight or how to get somebody’s else’s body.  Actually, it’s pretty anti both of those things.

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How did the site begin?

It started in 2009 as a project between me and actor/nutritionist Christy Meyers, where we posted every single thing we ate.  Since then, it evolved from a daily food journal into what it is today.  I share everything from everyday recipes, restaurant meals, life on set as a working actor, fun blogger events, and interesting things to do.  I also write about travel, fashion, and beauty.

The Actor’s Diet is also a podcast – you can listen on iTunes.

Are you on a diet?

I used to be on just about every diet under the sun. This blog is largely responsible for helping me come to terms with my recovery.  I am a Spokesperson for The National Eating Disorders Association and have worked with The National Organization of Women on body image campaigns.

But to answer the question – usually, I am not on a diet.  When I am working, depending on the project, sometimes.

How do you eat so much and stay so skinny?

I eat a lot of melons.  Also, this.

What else do you do?

I narrate books, host two podcasts, and make food videos.  In addition, I speak at colleges (Wellesley, Dartmouth, Stanford) and conferences (BlogHer, NEDA, WonderCon).  Oh, and I am a full-time working actor as well!

How can I connect with you?

I’m all over social media! You can follow me @mslynnchen on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest – but if you really want to get in touch with me, click here (I can’t promise I’ll respond, but I will read your email).

To work with me,  please contact my manager Liz DeCesare at Authentic Literary and Talent Management.  You can also download/view my media kit.

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