New York Minute

Hello from New York City! Here I am with the film family for “Mike, Mike Tan” – Kenny Leu, Fiona Fu, and Tzi Ma <—- this is the second time I’m playing his daughter.

Mike, Mike Tan cast at Milk and Roses in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Dinner at Milk and Roses in Brooklyn (above), midday snack at Big Gay Ice Cream

Big Gay Ice Cream New York City

…where they have gluten-free cones! Gluten-Free Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone dipped in chocolate

I’ve had a couple days off and explored my old neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. I stopped by the old apartment building to say hi to the super – he introduced me to a woman who was entering, and when I told her I had lived there a dozen years ago, we discovered she lived in the same exact apartment. What are the chances?!?

Stopped by my old pizza joint, Sac’s. I can’t eat their marinara pie anymore but they said to come back for gluten-free pasta!

Sac's Vegan Pizza in Astoria, Queens

More Memory Lane – I caught a matinee of Miss Saigon (rush tickets are $50). I was obsessed with this musical as a teenager; I sat in a row by myself during the second act, sang along quietly, and sobbed my eyes out.

Miss Saigon Curtain Call Broadway

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