This meal is hosted.

I have been waiting for Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Larchmont Village to open ever since I visited the Highland Park location! Welcome to my neighborhood!

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Larchmont Village

This used to be a shoe store that I never shopped at.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Larchmont Village

Today’s donuts – Chocolate Cheesecake…

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse donuts

…and different croissants – I chose the Strawberry Elderflower one…

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse croissants

…but really what I’m most curious about are the cruffins! Half muffin, half croissant. These are Honeycomb flavored.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse cruffins Mr. Holmes Bakehouse cruffins

Sadly, none of this is gluten-free, so I deliver my box to Abe at work. My cousin Finny happened to be there, so he enjoyed them and took detailed notes for us. Here’s what the fourteen-year-old food critic had to say:

Cornflake Cookie

This cookie has textures that change with every bite. At first, it’s a crispy caramelized sugar that then gives way to a softer, gooey mouthfeel.

Honeycomb Cruffin

The best thing I tasted. The cruffin pastry would be good all on its own, but then it was elevated by a creampuff style filling, and a cinnamon sugar exterior.

Strawberry Elderberry Croissant

At first I vehemently disliked this croissant after realizing it was filled with a weird, gourmet Go-gurt style filling. But then, the other side was filled with a delicious strawberry jam.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Larchmont Village: 248 N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90004 – Grand Opening is Saturday, June 3rd, 6AM-6PM or when they sell out!


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