Lucky Penny

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Lucky Penny Santa Barbara Outdoor Patio

Lucky Penny Santa Barbara Menu

Dog Friendly Patio at Lucky Penny in Santa Barbara

The Place

Lucky Penny in Santa Barbara.  I wanted a dog-friendly, casual place with a salad for me and a pizza for Abe.  But I also wanted the food to be worth the drive – and I’m happy to report it was.

The Space

The restaurant is located in The Funk Zone district, which has a lot of converted warehouses and graffiti.  Their building is covered in pennies – thousands of them.  Order at the counter inside, where you can see their pizza oven in action.  Then grab your own utensils and napkins, and snag a seat on the outdoor patio.  There are plenty of communal picnic tables; Abe and I get lucky and snag an actual table.

The Food

The menu is small – pizzas, sandwiches, and salads.  Plus coffee/tea and beer/wine.  I spy a cooler with ice pops inside, plus baked goods near the cashier.  We wind up with a Market Greens Salad (added chicken) and The Green and Black Pizza, which has zucchini, pesto, roasted onion, taleggio, and kalamata olives.  The pile of arugula on top reminds Abe to eat his greens before digging into the chewy, cheesy dough.

Chicken Salad at Lucky Penny Santa BarbaraLucky Penny Santa Barbara PizzaPizza and Salad Lunch at Lucky Penny Santa Barbara

Lucky Penny – 127 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 | Website


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  1. Kate

    This looks great! You’re inspiring me to take a mini Santa Barbara trip with the dogs 🙂

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