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Juices at Matchabar Silver Lake Los Angeles

Menu at Matchabar Silver Lake Los Angeles

Baklava Matcha Croissant

The Place

MatchaBar.  The New York City transplant (founded by brothers Max and Graham Fortgang) recently landed in Silver Lake, sandwiched between Millie’s on Sunset and a 99-Cent Store.  They feature ceremonial-grade matcha, from an independent family farm in Japan.  Street parking was easy on a weekday morning.

The Space

It’s small, but there is some outdoor seating where people can hang out with their dogs.  There’s a bunch of baked goods behind glass, an open refrigerator case filled with beverages (not just tea-related ones) and a shelf where they sell products and fun gifts.

The Drinks

I don’t really drink much besides water and La Croix these days, so I brought along Whitney Adams and her sophisticated palate.  We are treated to a couple Specialty Drinks, from a Golden Latte (with Turmeric, Ginger, and Black Pepper) to an Iced Harmless Matcha, made with Harmless Coconut Water.  Whitney loves the latter, noting that matcha and coconut water have very similar flavor profiles.  They have a coffee menu too.

The Food

There are 8 things on the menu – and they’re all vegetarian!  Most of the food is from Highland Park’s Amara Kitchen, plus some Gjusta pastries.  Of course, it all has a green theme.  We get an Avocado Toast on shockingly yummy Paleo Bread, Forbidden Rice and Veggie Salad with Sweet Potatoes, plus a Purple Pesto Egg breakfast that comes in a convenient, sealable jar.

Matchabar Silver Lake Los AngelesBlack Kale Salad with Forbidden RiceMatchabar Silver Lake Los AngelesPaleo Avocado Toast

Matcha Lattes

MatchaBar – 3534 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 | Website


5 thoughts on “MatchaBar Silver Lake

  1. Ali H

    Were you paid to write this/was this hosted? The only things indicated as being “free” are the drinks. Thanks!

  2. Jenny

    Lynn, looking at the photo an spotting Spindrift sparkling water—have you tried any of the flavors? I am a total diet soda addict and these are helping me convert. They are expensive but just taste fresher than others like Lacroix to me.

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      Yes I have tried the cucumber flavor – it’s like spa water with a kick!

  3. Viola

    I tried two flavors of Spindrift – watermelon and cucumber, and hated them so much I actually took the trouble to save the cans and return them to Trader Joe’s for a refund. They laughed and said it was basically 50/50 – with half loving them and half being as appalled as I was!

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