Things I Can’t Shut Up About

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Ever since we moved I have been getting rid of a lot of things.  I didn’t read Marie Kondo’s book but I’ve heard enough about the concept that I can get behind her thesis: only keep things around that bring you joy.  Our new space fills me with a lot of happiness – mainly because it’s so much sunnier and also because there is so much storage space – a place for everything.

And already, I’ve found that my life has been flowing a lot more.  I’m acting like I do on vacation on a regular basis.  I read actual books (not just social media on my phone) and listen to music on records.  I play piano.  I’m cooking/baking a lot more (see me making yogurt scones in the new kitchen at the bottom of this post).  I do work in the office and leave it in there when I’m finished.  In general, I’m taking a lot better care of myself, and others.  We’ve hosted more dinners in the last month than I think I did in the last year!

Below is a list I’ve compiled over the last few weeks of things that have truly made my life easier, happier, and richer.  They vary in price from free to you-paid-how-much-for-that?!?  A few were gifted, but most I did research on and bought.

Bodysuit Jeans


Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer.  I was at CVS when I realized, I need eyeliner for an audition today!  So I googled “best drugstore eyeliner” and picked up this $8 wand.  It actually works better than $20 pencils I’ve had before – goes on smooth, stays sharp, and doesn’t smudge unless I tell it to.  The color I bought is Earl Grey – not too severe, but still smoky.

Purlisse Skincare.  Full disclosure – my friend Jennifer Yen founded this company.  Before the holidays she invited me and Leslie Durso to their offices for a Facebook Live video, where I disclosed my problem winter skin.  Jen was kind enough to gift us (and our audience) with a bunch of her products, and I have to say that since using her line religiously, I have not had an issue whatsoever with dry skin.  Not on my face, and not on my lips.

Blushington.  I have heard of this beauty lounge in LA, NYC, and Dallas where you can go and get your makeup done for $55 in less than an hour.  My friend Arianna Thomopoulos introduced me to them at an event.  I was so impressed with the experience that I signed up the next day for their Carte Blush Membership.  For $250/month, you get unlimited services.  It’s come in handy this pilot season, when I need to look camera-ready almost every single day.


Online Resale Sites.  We donated most of our things to Thrift Shops, but for the clothing I couldn’t bear to just give away, I shoved in a bag and mailed it off to see if they were still worth something first.  With ThredUp they charge you for shipping, so I barely made enough to make the exchange worth it.  But with Material Wrld, there are no fees, giving you the option to send it back if they don’t want it.

Bodysuits.  I am having a thing with bodysuits right now.  This makes sense because when I was a kid, I always wore leotards and figure skating outfits around the house.  I love the way they look with everything, plus they’re much less of a pain-in-the-ass than you’d think during bathroom time.  Since the last blog post where I professed my love for them, I’ve gone ahead and ordered three more on Shopbop (who is having a sale right now) – one is a tank, one in a colorful blue, and one short sleeve (pictured above).

Third Love Bra.  If you follow my InstaStories, you’ve probably seen me complaining about my bra.  Every time I buy a new one, it’s too tight or too big.  I don’t understand; I buy the same size and it never fits right.  One day I’m on Facebook and the ad flashes across the screen: Do your bra straps dig into your shoulders?  YES HOW DID YOU KNOW AND DOES THIS MEAN FACEBOOK REALLY IS SPYING ON ME?  Abe actually knew about this company before me, because they sponsor his favorite podcast Ronna and Beverly.  They aren’t paying me, but they did offer to send me two free bras to try out.  I get the Classic T-shirt and Mesh Plunge Bra and I kid you not – it’s like a miracle.  Not only are they gorgeous and make me feel like a hot tamale, they really are the most comfortable bras I’ve ever worn.

Third Love Bra


Evernote.  I actually have had an account for years but only recently started using it again.  Since I’m an actor I get at least 30 W-2’s every year from all the different production companies, so instead of scanning them into my computer, I just snap and scan them into Evernote.  But now I’m using the app for more than just my taxes – I’m writing down notes from recipe testing, ideas for scripts, planning vacations, and even names of people I’ve met (I’m horrible at remembering).

Cookbook Deal Podcast.  Jessica Murnane is such a gem.  I love her.  Since posting our podcast interview, she launched this new one.  And man is it good.  I’m so proud of her, of her gorgeous cookbook, and this well-done show.

Riverdale.  Okay technically, this is TV but you can still view it online.  Abe and his sister were obsessed with Archie comics growing up so he was actually the one who pushed to watch this show.  I’m glad he did, because it brings me back to the days of 90210, Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, and Gossip Girl.  Such a delicious, guilty pleasure.

Video: Homemade Scones

P.S. I’m doing a twitter chat for NEDAwareness Week over at the Dumpling Skin Feed today – join us 11am PST/2pm EST using #NEDAwareness.



4 thoughts on “Things I Can’t Shut Up About

  1. Courtney of Savor Good

    so happy to hear your new home brings you so much joy! I’d love our space to feel like that too. where is the headboard in your bedroom from? 🙂 thanks for sharing about the things you’re loving right now. I’ll have to try that eyeliner sometime.

  2. Gillian

    Your positivity is contagious, Lynn! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I’m a busy college student, and I have a bit of problem with keeping everything organized (specially my handwritten notes). I remember trying to use Evernote but I was too lazy to use it back then. I think I shall give it a try again. 🙂

  3. Lez

    Don’t shut up! I love reading your posts! I’m really active on Instagram and YouTube and comment a lot on your posts from there, but I try to keep up with your blog, too! 🙂

    I have no idea how tall you are, but if you’re petite like me and generally can never find a bra with a smaller band size (think 30), there are two stores that might help you: The Little Bra Company and Journelle. Both of these companies specialize in bras for the women who fall under the smaller end of the spectrum. 🙂 I hope this helps!


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