Cake in a Crate: Vegan Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

Chocolate Coconut Macaroons made by Abe!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday, wherever you may be.  I am still sick, which made for a less-than-ideal birthday on December 24th.  But I’ll be honest – it wasn’t too horrible, since I already celebrated with a Pie Potluck Party.  Plus, Abe played nurse, bought me the best video game to distract me (Uncharted 4) and made all these Chocolate Coconut Macaroons to eat!Chocolate Covered Maple Coconut Caramel MacaroonsChocolate Covered Maple Coconut Caramel Macaroons

I am really impressed with how he does on his first baking-from-scratch attempt ever.  And this isn’t just a dump-and-stir recipe – it involves making caramel, and melting chocolate.  Things I am normally too lazy to do myself.  You know how Blue Apron and Munchery Plaid Box do those pre-measured, meal-delivery kits?   Cake in a Crate (my holiday gift from Bob’s Red Mill) is the same thing, but with baking.  Its plant-based recipes are by bloggers: this one is from Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest.  They have one by my buddy Molly Yeh, too!

The ingredients come in a box with instructions.  We do not have a food processor, so Abe uses a blender.  For a while, the coconut doesn’t stick together and he has a minor breakdown.  Finally, he winds up using the caramel for drizzling at the end (plus a little maple syrup) as glue, and the whole thing comes together.

I love them – and so does the rest of Abe’s family who is in town.  I think our extra glue made them a little too sweet, though.  But there is no refined sugar in them (and they are vegan/gluten-free, too).

You can get the recipe on Teighan’s site or order the Cake in a Crate online.  I think it’s a great gift, but I hope in the future they’ll consider using recipes for non-bakers who don’t have expensive kitchen equipment like stand-mixers and food processors.

Lynn Chen Food Blogger iPhone Case

In other holiday news – I have to share some things I received that I absolutely adore.  The first is my iPhone7 Plus from Abe, which is not a surprise that it is amazing.  It’s hard to part with the Marc Jacobs phone case I have been using in virtually every food video I’ve ever recorded (above). But the brand new case I got for it is my everything.  Also the Unique Sweets production team sent some Chocolate Panettone from Roy, and we cut into it yesterday.  Everyone was freaking out – even people who don’t like panettone – so mental note to buy this for next Christmas!

Full disclosure: The Cake in a Crate is complimentary from Bob’s Red Mill, but this is not a sponsored post.