1212 Santa Monica Restaurant

This meal is hosted.

1212 Santa Monica Restaurant is now open – but the thing is, it’s on 3rd Street Promenade.  Confusing…

Lunch Santa Monica

Leslie Durso and I found it just fine, though.  The space is gorgeous – and enormous!  10,000 square feet, with patio seating too.  I would imagine this is a good place to eat with a large party.
Los Angeles Restaurant Restaurant Ceiling Lights

The menu is “Contemporary World Cuisine.”  You’ll see everything from tacos to lasagna.  I ask the waiter what his favorite is, and he points me to this Chicken Saffron dish with sweet peppers, corn cous cous, and fried sage leaves.  It’s definitely not something I would ordinarily order for myself, but I’m so glad I try it.  Super moist, tender, and flavorful.  I actually bring home leftovers, freeze them, and they’re still wonderful.

chicken couscous Chicken and Peppers

If you like to drink alcohol, you’ll be very happy.  They do a lot of magic behind the bar, like this seasonal Pumpkin Cocktail they whip up to photograph.  I don’t drink it (of course) and neither does Leslie (because it is has dairy)…

Autumn Alcohol

…but she does sip away on this concoction – The Shishito Roulette.  We record a Facebook Live video at the restaurant of her drinking this.  I learn that occasionally shishito peppers are hot – that’s why it’s like a game of Russian Roulette.

Leslie Durso Vegan ChefRed Orange Drink

There are a number of vegan-friendly options for Leslie, like these gorgeous assorted olives…

Red cocktail

…and Baked Eggplant with Tomato Sauce and Crispy Basil.  Usually this is served with burrata cheese.

1212 Santa Monica Vegan

More red sauce on a yummy homemade pasta.  I really liked how chewy this dish is.

Tomato Sauce

The Market Salad for Leslie – with watermelon radishes and Crispy Kale…

Kale Lunch

…mine has beets, feta, and pickled red onion.

1212 Santa Monica lunch

I’ll be honest – the 3rd Street Promenade isn’t usually a dining destination for me, but if I’m ever in the area again (and need a space for a huge group) I’ll be back.