Podcast 81 – Grace Bonney (Design Sponge)

“Everyone gets comfortable when food isn’t fussy.” – Grace Bonney, Design Sponge

Design Sponge is one of those sites I look to – not only for inspiration in my daily life, but also as a blogger.  Grace Bonney, the founder, always seems to get it right.  She seems to possess an effortless access to parts of her brain that I have spent several decades searching for. (I’m still looking.)  And yet, she remains completely approachable.

Podcast Interview with Grace Bonney of Design Sponge

Photo Credit: Sasha Israel

Grace and I talk quite a bit about dieting – we discuss her eating disorder growing up, and food as medicine with Type 1 Diabetes.  She is married to the food writer and private chef Julia Turshen, so of course I am picking her brain about what goes on in their kitchen.

Show Notes:

Almond Flour Yogurt Waffles - High Protein, High Fiber, Low Carb, and Gluten-Free

Photo Credit: Julia Turshen

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