Unique Nacho Recipes for National Nacho Day

A Nacho Recipe for every meal of the day.

This morning I wake up (at 5:30am, thanks Daylight Savings) to find out it is National Nacho Day!  I know I declared sandwiches as one of my favorite foods just a couple days ago (on National Sandwich Day).  But nachos really are another dish at the top of my food chain.  There’s something about layers of cheese (and eating with your hands) that satisfies me on the most primal level.  Here’s a nacho recipe for every (extra) hour of today.

Breakfast Nachos - Cheese, tortilla chips, and a fried egg with the Sunday NY Times.

Breakfast Nachos

My basic breakfast nachos (above) involve tortilla chips and cheese, with store-bought guacamole, salsa, and a fried egg on top.  Joy the Baker’s Breakfast Nachos are perfect for brunch entertaining – with fresh corn sliced off the cob.  Plus, you can serve it right off the sheet pan, which means one less thing to clean.

Nachos for Lunch

If you’re eating nachos for lunch, you want to still be productive.  Here are a couple vegan recipes, so you’re not spending the rest of the day on the couch, digesting a bunch of meat and cheese.  Hands down, the best recipe for vegan nachos comes from my buddy Leslie Durso.  One week she made them twice (for this Vegan Junk Food video and the Open Sky Fitness podcast).  I ate the leftovers every day and never got sick of them.  An easier version are my No-Bake Not-Chos, made from hummus and yogurt.  And of course, Nachos in a Salad (like the one they make at The Springs Restaurant) are a great way to get your veggies in.

salsa, cheese, tortilla chips

Snack Nachos

I would choose the microwaved nachos I ate at summer camp (above) over many chef-cooked meals.  I don’t know if it’s the feeling of the slightly soggy round chips in my mouth or the copious amounts of salsa for dunking on the side.  It’s probably just nostalgia, because I would only want to eat this off a paper plate, at 3pm, and ruin my appetite for dinner.

Dinner Nachos

Last night I was celebrating Jenny Yang’s birthday potluck and did a happy dance when the Tater Tot Hot Dish came out.  It reminds me of the time Jenny and I went to eat a Tater Tot Salad, which, now that I’m thinking about it are actually Tater Tot Nachos!  For a homemade version, here’s s a Totchos Supreme recipe using chorizo and bell peppers.

A unique nacho recipe for dessert

Dessert Nachos

One of my most viewed food videos ever are these Ice Cream Nachos from Disneyland.  Another popular recipe are Apple Pie in a Bag, essentially cinnamon sweet potato chips with grilled apples, caramel sauce, and whipped cream.  But if I am going to make the ultimate nachos for dessert, I am going for S’mores Dip or Donut Nachos, duh!

Happy National Nacho Day!


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    YUM! These all look amazing to me. 🙂 Never met a nacho I didn’t like. I’ve been listening to several podcast interviews of yours (on Katie Dalebout + a few others). I just went and followed you everywhere…LOL! Keep up the great work. XO, Marjorie

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