Podcast 78 – James Nord (Fohr Card)

“Tide Sticks are absolutely one of God’s Greatest Inventions.” – James Nord, co-founder Fohr Card

Fohr Card Founder

Fohr Card is a directory that connects brands and agencies with bloggers and content creators.  I use it whenever someone wants to see my social media/blog stats – sort of like the sizing chart I fill out when I go in for commercial auditions.  Only, this is for my site.  Today’s guest is with the co-founder of FohrCard.com, James Nord.

We discuss Georgia (and Florida) peaches, the importance of black napkins at restaurants, why you should not shake bourbon, and how being a wrestler in high school and a cyclist today affects his diet.

Show Notes:

  • Whisky: Yamasaki, Suntory, Hibiki, Four Roses
  • Ritz Crackers + Peanut Butter + Jelly
  • Cornpops | Honey Smacks | Super Golden Crisp Cereal
  • Dickinson College
  • Burgers at The Polo Bar in NYC
  • Bars: Bonk Breaker, Cliff, ProBars

James even gives me some one-on-one advice about what to do when you have two separate social media accounts and don’t want to merge.  Check out his weekly show A Drink with James.

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