Guitar Pasta

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There was a lot of meat at Los Angeles Food and Wine this year, but my favorite dish is actually vegetarian!  It’s this Guitar Pasta Dish.  The official name is Spaghetti alla Chittara with Brazil Nut Pesto, and it’s from Ray’s and Stark Bar.

Spaghetti, Spirulina, homemade pasta

“Chittara” means “Guitar” in Italian, and once you see Chef Fernando Darin make these noodles, you’ll understand what’s up.  The tool he uses is like a guitar.  Actually, it reminds me more of a small harp.  Lie the pasta dough (made of semolina, water, and spirulina) on top of the instrument. Use the weight of the rolling pin to push it through each string.  It produces these gorgeous strands of spaghetti, that have a chewy texture.  It’s a very porous pasta, sopping up all of the brazil nut pesto.  The sauce has avocado in it, making it extra creamy.

vegan, pasta, cheese foam, espelette

If you get the dish without the pecorino foam on top, it’s 100% vegan!  A sprinkling of espelette on top, which is a mildly hot pepper.  By the way, in case you’re not a fan of spirulina (like me) the spaghetti doesn’t taste like it.

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Watch more of the pasta in action in my video below.  Next time I’m at LACMA, I’m definitely checking out Ray’s and Stark Bar!

VIDEO: Spaghetti all Chitarra at LA Food and Wine



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