The Best Biscuits in LA

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I don’t know what is happening, but as I get older, I stop listening to new music.  I grew up singing and playing piano, going to band camp, and majoring in music at Wesleyan.  But in the last few years, I hear myself sounding like those out-of-touch parents who don’t understand the music of “kids.”  The Grammy’s and MTV VMA’s look like awards ceremonies from another planet.  Who are these people?!?  These days, I listen to NPR and podcasts more than anything.  And when I’m on road trips, I want to blast the songs I already know by heart, the ones I’m familiar with from my youth.  And now, I’m starting to become a country fan.  It’s so melodic and pleasing to listen to – I mean, I have enough problems, I don’t need to get a headache via my headphones.  I recently went to my first show where the bulk of the audience was wearing cowboy boots – Kacey Musgraves’ show at The Greek Theatre.

To be fair, Kacey isn’t like other country singers.  There’s something about the timbre of her crystal clear voice that I can listen to, song after song.  She’s an incredible songwriter – she transports me to when I was single teenager, filled with longing and hope in the world.  Pageant Material is probably the first album in over a decade that I’ve bought on vinyl, brand new.  I’m becoming a true fan of hers – she has a Christmas record coming out and as an X-mas Eve Baby, I’m already asking Santa for one.

And so in honor of her song “Biscuits” I’m inspired to share the best biscuits in Los Angeles.

citizen, los angeles, beverly hills

These buttermilk biscuits are actually so new to me, I haven’t even written the full restaurant review yet.  They’re from Citizen in Beverly Hills and I have not stopped talking about them since I ate them.  They’re flakey, almost croissant like.  You can actually taste the layers of love.

pimento, cheese, maple syrup

They don’t come with gravy (like in the song) – the restaurant serves them with pimento cheese.  I didn’t grow up eating this Southern staple, but I cannot imagine my life with out it.  It’s sharp, yet creamy and smooth.

citizen, los angelesspread, citizen, beverly hills, los angeles

I take turns alternating the biscuits between the spread and this chipotle maple syrup.  They’re incredible completely naked, as well.

spoon, drizzle

I’m glad that my appreciation for biscuits has only grown with age.   I have to admit that I haven’t been in the South for a long time for a complete analysis.  But if you (or Kacey) are craving some in Los Angeles, I highly recommend these.  Other solid choices – the Bacon Cheddar Biscuit at Manhattan Beach Post, and the board at The Hart and the Hunter.  If you don’t eat meat/dairy, there’s a terrific vegan version at Erven Restaurant that’s more sensational scone than biscuit.


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  1. Courtney of Savor Good

    those are some fantastic looking biscuits! have wanted to try the Hart and the Hunter ones since I found out about them years ago.

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