Summer 2016 – Lessons Learned

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Is Summer 2016 really over?  Really?  I don’t get it.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was getting pumped to watch The Olympics, and it felt so far away.  Now the blackout dates on my annual pass to Universal Studios are gone, and I’m starting to see pumpkin recipes everywhere. Even though summer seems to have flown by, I feel like a lot happened.  I have had so much fun – going to Dartmouth and New York City, returning to my childhood summer camp, speaking at BlogHer….but there’s also been some tough times.  Lately I feel like I have made a lot of mistakes; let’s all learn some lessons together.

bkr bottle, birkenstocks, grey shirt

Wear sunscreen on your feet.  I already slather my favorite SPF on my face and my arms, but for some reason I neglect my feet.  So now everyone knows I’ve been wearing Birkenstocks pretty much every day.  Because they leave some wide ugly tan lines, which forces me to  use cover-up whenever I’ve go to a red carpet event.  In the last couple weeks I’m using Cotz Face Natural Skin Tone to even things out. Plus, it’s not too sticky.

Knot your drawstrings.  If your pants come with a string, you best be tying little knots at the end of them.  Before they slip inside the waistline, into oblivion.  This keeps happening to me, and I spend 30 minutes using a safety pin to guide it SLOWLY through the cinched fabric.  I am in love with the jogger pants I’m wearing in the picture above – they’re basically sweatpants you can wear to a meeting.

It’s OK not to be liked.  I’ve been dealing with rejection my entire life, but lately hearing “no” feels different.  It’s not just “You’re not right for this” anymore, it’s “We don’t like what you’re doing.”  I think that when I was younger, I still held onto hope that the “no’s” just meant one day I’d hear a “yes.” I now realize ,more and more as I get older, that the “yes” isn’t worth chasing, and that the “no” isn’t going to kill me.  I mean, not everyone is going to like me.  That’s fine.  That’s life.

Uncap your water bottle.  I try to wash my bkr water bottle regularly, but sometimes I’m not done drinking it!  And I will leave it in the car for a day or two.  MISTAKE MISTAKE MISTAKE.  The cap gets moldy and sometimes washing/soaking it won’t help.  I’m now ordering some extra caps online. But the folks at bkr told me the best thing to do is just remove the caps when you’re not using it.

Laugh at yourself.  Performing in Mortified at The Comedy Comedy Festival (below) recently made me so happy I journaled as a kid.  So I could see how insignificant – and totally hilarious – my problems are.  Which brings me to this next lesson for my fellow bloggers…

Let the Old Stuff Go.  I recently began unlinking broken external links on the blog.  And since I have seven years worth of content, there are quite a lot of them to get rid of.  Thousands.  Long story short, when I delete them in bulk, a lot of old posts are messed up permanently.  And thus, I am now beginning the process of getting rid of a lot of old content.  I always thought this blog would just stay the way it was.  With all my ugly mistakes and photos to look back on forever.  But now I’m beginning to realize I have to let go of things.  As we get ready to move in the next few months, this is going to become a major theme in my life, I know.

danny pudi, ellen wong, lynn chen, jake choi, dave nadelberg

P.S. I’m wearing this romper – which I love. That neckline is low, however.

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4 thoughts on “Summer 2016 – Lessons Learned

  1. Courtney of Savor Good

    great lessons, Lynn. thanks for sharing. still learning to let the old stuff (mindsets especially) go. I had a BKR bottle awhile back that was gifted to me. I forgot to screw the cap on tightly, dropped it at an In-N-Out and it shattered on the floor. now I use a Hydro Flask. and, the jogger pants look great on you. 🙂 look forward to continuing to read your weekly newsletters. what will you mainly be posting about on TAD?

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      Oh, I would be mortified if my bkr broke. I’m so sorry to hear! I think I’ll be doing a lot of the same stuff on the site – just a little more focused and a less journal-y.

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