LA Food and Wine 2016

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LA Food and Wine 2016!  One of my favorite food events, for sure.  Where else can you walk around in Downtown Los Angeles, in the middle of the street, eating incredible food?


To be honest, I actually didn’t eat that much – I’ve really learned to pace myself at these events.  In the past, I would eat a bite of EVERYTHING but now I’m a lot more selective.  Also, I tend to avoid super long lines (like the one for this dish – Tyler Florence’s Shrimp and Grits).


One of my favorite things about LA Food and Wine is that I get to try food from restaurants I’ve been hearing about for a while.  For example, this dish from The Cannibal – Beef Bulgogi Sausage by Chef Francis Derby.


There weren’t a lot of options for Abe, unfortunately.  He made do with A LOT of cheese from one of the wine tents.


I nibbled here and there…

LA-Food-and-Wine LA-Food-and-Wine

…but went to town on this sandwich made from Peanut Butter Jon & Vinny cookies + Sweet Lucie’s Banana ice cream.  And when they handed it to me, that’s when one of my favorite hip hop groups of all time began to play.


I mean, we got to see De La Soul this close.  I felt like I was in Heaven.  Also, they played A Roller Skating Jam Named “Saturday” because, well, it was Saturday night!


I’m in the midst of editing videos still – I’ll have one for you with a recap of the event, including my favorite dish of the night, which was vegan.

Lynn Chen, motorcycle jacket


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