New Camera!

I’m getting ready to speak at BlogHer!  It will be my first time at the annual conference and I’m all giddy giddy giddy up.  My panel is about DIY Vlogging, so I figured I better get a good camera so I know what I’m talking about!  After a lot of research, I got a Canon Powershot G7X.  And I took it for a spin at Melanie Maras’ birthday party, which is on the rooftop of Petit Ermitage, in West Hollywood.

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Actually, the photo above was snapped with Abe’s iPhone 6.  But the rest of these are from the Canon G7X.  Like my last one by this company, it does great in low light – is portable, easy to use, and has Wi-Fi connection (although it doesn’t work with Apple OS X El Capitan).  You’ve been warned – I wasn’t.  You will need to buy a separate USB connector.

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I love the way macro shots look for food photography.  I’m already testing the camera out vlogging wise as well, and have been really happy.  My favorite part is the flip-up touch-screen, so you can see the frame in selfie mode.  Plus, you can adjust focus with just a touch of a finger.

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You will have to wait for that footage, though, because I’m still not done posting stuff from the old one.  This video below was taken when we were in Maine.  Even though Abe’s amazing camera (what we use to shoot most of my YouTube stuff) was in the car, I felt like I had to seize the opportunity and capture the specialness.  Honestly, when we stopped at Dot’s Bakery in Round Pond, I didn’t think we would end up in her kitchen, in her house!

VIDEO: Dot’s Bakery in Round Pond, Maine