Summer Obsessions 2016

I cannot believe it’s already August.  Where in the world has the summer gone?  In the first week, I’m gearing up to speak at BlogHer with Kim Kardashian.  Okay, kinda sorta, actually 24 hours after her.  Immediately after the weekend conference, I’m heading to NYC to finish shooting Unique Sweets (my Cooking Channel debut!).  I’m following that with some family time – it will be the fourth anniversary of my father’s passing.

summer favorites

Here is a list of 5 things I’m truly obsessing over this summer – I’ll be hanging onto them for as long as I can, well into the fall.

  1. Dermalogica Clearing Booster – I’ve been seeing spots a lot lately, with the heat + all the sugar I’ve been ingesting + makeup I’ve been wearing on camera.   Whenever I feel something beginning to brew I immediately dab this stuff on and say a prayer.  Most of the time it prevents the bump from erupting into a full-blown zit.  Truly a miracle.
  2. Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks Ice Cream – Since I’ve been eating so many sweets for work (see above) I’ve abstained off-duty.  Until this carton came into the house – we got a free pint after Jeni’s Ice Cream Social and this had my name written all over it: PEANUT BUTTER WITH SALT AND CHOCOLATE?!?  I admit I only had a few spoonfuls while it was in my freezer but my friend Lily Diamond pointed out that I looked like I was making out with it.
  3. Eggo – Or more accurately, the reason I’ve been obsessed is because of the Netflix show Stranger Things.  For any kid that grew up in the 80’s and loved The Goonies as much as I did, you need to watch it.  And then you will understand the need for toaster waffles.
  4. Ani Michele Best Mistake Ever – This is a chemical and cruelty free option for those of us guilty of painting our nails with Wite Out in Junior High.  I was gifted a bottle by my favorite manicurist at Can Can Parleur and plan on wearing it all month before Labor Day.
  5. Splendid Shirred Waist Dress – I am living in this dress.  It’s got the versatility of a romper.  It is comfy and casual but dressy enough to wear out to dinner.  But not annoying whenever I have to pee (which is a lot).  The long sleeves will transition nicely into fall, as well. (P.S. There’s a Shopbop End of Season Sale going on now.)


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  1. Viola

    I’m currently on HBO Go and Hulu (I alternate subscription services!) but think it’s time to switch off Hulu and switch back to Netflix. I’ve gotta see this and the new Kimmy Schmidt season!

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