I’m Addicted to Diet Soda

Even as I type those words, my heart rate is elevating.  I am full on addicted to Diet Soda and the idea of quitting feels overwhelming.

I haven’t been hiding the fact that I drink Diet Soda all these years.  When I was blogging about everything I ate, a can or bottle occasionally popped up in pictures.  Sometimes I would hear from readers (or actual people around me) – Seriously?!?  With everything you know about health/the food industry, how can you drink that stuff?

Diet Soda is my friend.  It helped me get over my binge eating disorder.  I use it, along with my after-meal candies (which I still eat, by the way) to signal my body it is time to stop.  When I first began blogging seven years ago, it was maybe a can a day.  But as food became more and more of a job, and I have less and less of a say over what I am able to consume, I feel the need to control things.  Somehow, it is a lot easier not to wolf down everything a chef would place in front of me if I am armed with a full glass of Diet Coke, with ice, and a straw.

So I begin hiding my addiction more and more.  I mean, not totally.  Abe knows about it, my friends and family know about it.  None of them judged me.  But I know it is a real issue when I felt like I can’t go on vacation without stocking up on it first thing, or I need to carry a bottle with me everywhere I go.  I try to quit numerous times.  Replacing it with our SodaStream, doctoring it up with some lemon juice.  But that isn’t sweet enough.  I try a lot of Zevia (one of the first products Christy Meyers and I ever blogged about) but that is so much more expensive. Regular Diet Soda is always on sale.  When you’re drinking 4-5 cans a day, it adds up.

I formed a relationship with Health Ade Kombucha after I went to Vegan Beer Fest and made my little SCOBY video.  They offer to send me a case (FYI they are not sponsoring this post) and I accept.  Because I am thinking this might be a good opportunity to try quitting again.  Kombucha is even MORE expensive than Zevia, and it comes in less-portable/breakable glass bottles.


Now with all these fun flavors sitting in my fridge, I feel like I have an army willing to do battle with me.  At least for a few weeks.  Wish me luck.

Video: I’m Quitting Diet Soda


16 thoughts on “I’m Addicted to Diet Soda

  1. Melinda Gerow

    Have you considered LaCroix or Hint water? It took me a while to adjust to LaCroix but now I love it. It’s still pricey but heck, gotta have some splurges.

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      Yes – I’m going to try to stock my fridge with more. Sometimes it’s not sweet enough for me, but better than nothing!

  2. Ellen

    Good luck! I used to drink oodles of the stuff. I was sort of forced to quit (along with anything caffeinated) back before I ever met you in February 2010 because I had brain trauma and caffeine, along with alcohol were not allowed. I went back to coffee and wine in healthy amounts but realized that I’d been without a diet soda for months and decided it was a habit I didn’t need to pick back up. Once in a while I am on set and will grab one and am always sort of shocked I used to drink it so much.

  3. Allie

    Good luck! I had to quit diet soda cold turkey in 2009 due to a stomach ulcer (and I LOVED diet coke). Iced tea and sparkling water got me through but it wasn’t easy…esp at restaurants but haven’t had diet soda since!

  4. Viola

    Oh, do I feel you. Except my poison (and yeah, I do mean poison!) is sugar free Red Bull. Yikes! Between how awful for me it is and just how much money I waste on it…well, I could cry.

    I need to cut it out!

  5. Deb

    Hi Lynn! I also quit diet soda, about 8 years ago. I’ll occasionally have it, but very rarely and I don’t keep it in the house. If I really want a soda-like beverage, I will mix soda-stream carbonated water with apple cider vinegar and stevia–I think it tastes great (actually a great deal like kombucha or the KeVita beverages. I also don’t drink coffee, but I will warm some unsweetened almond milk and mix it with hot water for a low-cal tea like beverage, and if I need something sweet I’ll add stevia to that too. I haven’t lost my taste for diet soda–I’m not repulsed by it or anything, but I don’t find I ever need, or that I’d even go out of my way for it, it anymore. Good luck!

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      I love this ACV idea – thank you so much for your advice, Deb!

  6. Lez

    You go girl! I already commented on your YouTube channel. Every time you think you can’t do it, remind yourself WHY you are choosing to quit Diet Coke, it’ll help you stay on track.

    Definitely do it gradually and if you NEED some type of sweetener, find a sweetner that you really love. Whether it be plain cane sugar or stevia or something else, use what you like.

    Gradually decrease your sugar intake by one drink, so let’s say skip a soda for lunch! Then as the days go by, keep decreasing your intake! You’ll get used to it.

    I love carbonation, so I always buy flavored seltzer. Never plain. Ew! If you like, you can always buy good quality fruit juice and add plain seltzer to it! 🙂

  7. Sarah Crulcich

    I’m currently trying to do this as well! A year and a half ago I gave up caffeine, the main source being soda. Because I love the flavor and sweetness I still drink a lot of Sprite zero, caffine free pepsi (when I can find it), and other fruit-flavored sodas. I was doing so well until I started working in a hospital out of all places! We do not get discounts in the cafeteria, but they give us free soda and it beckons my weakness. However, I think it would be fun to do this challenge at the same time as you.

  8. AmeriBev

    While our industry is aligned with the goal of moderation (as evidenced by our Balance Calories Initiative), there is no need to eliminate diet soda. Diet soda is 99% water and has proven to help facilitate weight loss: http://bit.ly/Ik4zjC. Bottom line: all calories count and activity is key with respect to weight loss and management. Diet beverages can be part of a healthy balance.

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