Pizzella Fritta – Fried Pizza Dough

What to do with your leftover pizza dough – fry it up into Pizzella Fritta.

Remember the Mac n Cheese Pizza at Pizza Romana?  They also let us into the kitchen to make the simplest recipe – Pizzella Fritta.


It’s basically just five, simple ingredients – pizza dough, marinara sauce, parmesan and pecorino, plus basil.  If you leave the cheese off, it will be 100% vegan!  The result is a super chewy, carbilicious delight.  I wonder if people who don’t eat the crusts off their pizza will like this?

It’s kind of an elegant dish, too.  I could totally imagine these being an appetizer at a party.  The kids can have regular old pizza, and the adults can have this!

Here’s a video of us making the Pizzella Fritta.