Podcast 72: Grant Melton

I’m a huge Rachael Ray fan.  Watching 30 Minute Meals was instrumental in my eating disorder recovery.  I’ve grown with her over the years – literally digesting everything she’s put out – and my favorite thing to unwind with after a long day is her daily talk show.  Grant Melton is Senior Associate Culinary Producer and contributor for the Rachael Ray Show – and one of the reasons I keep watching.  I LOVE GRANT.

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In this episode, Grant and I discuss growing up in Ohio, crafts service behind-the-scenes + how everyone on the show gains the Freshman 15, his passion for entertaining, and what those Yum-o T-shirts feel like.

Show Notes:

  • Peanut Butter Slow Cooker Cheesecake (his first show – with Emeril!)
  • Huckleberry Cafe and Blue-Bharb Pie
  • MaraNatha Peanut Butter
  • More Cupcakes in Chicago (best chocolate cake)
  • NYC Restaurants: Llama Inn and Mission Chinese (secret tip!)
  • Grant’s Website | Twitter | Instagram

Catch his next appearance on the Rachael Ray Show making icebox cakes July 8th, and starting July 11th he’ll be doing Facebook Live videos with Jeannette – Rachael’s stunt toaster!!!

Listen to the interview on iTunes.  Theme music is by Goh Nakamura.

P.S. The Actor’s Diet Podcast was just featured in Backstage Magazine and the top 50 iTunes Food Podcasts!  YAY!


2 thoughts on “Podcast 72: Grant Melton

  1. Pam Melton

    We so enjoyed this podcast with Grant and have sent it out to all our friends. Grant is special to us because we are his parents!! All of our sons are wonderful young men, with very diverse interests, but so respectful of each others professions, so we are proud parents of them all! What a trip down memory lane with our son! Thank you for a very interesting interview. Pam and Wendell Melton, Brockville, Ohio

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      I love that you loved this interview! If I’m ever in Brockville Ohio I’m coming by for dinner/Oprah!

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