Raindrop Cake at Smorgasburg LA

This meal is hosted.

With the drought, Angelenos are obsessing over rain.  First there is The Rain Room at LACMA, now we’re freaking out over The Raindrop Cake.  Then again, this dessert caused quite a stir in NYC, where they’re no strangers to rain.

It’s made from alkaline water and agar agar.  If you get it with the sugar cane syrup, it’s 100% vegan!  This is the matcha version, which has cream.  The powdery stuff you see is roasted soybean flour.

Raindrop Cake

Leslie Durso and I did a Facebook Live video this morning at Smorgasburg LA for Tastemade Facet’s Page.  Watch to see our reaction, plus our interview with Darren Wong, the founder/creator of the Raindrop Cake, around the 9:30 min. mark.



7 thoughts on “Raindrop Cake at Smorgasburg LA

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      It’s definitely unique. I’m pretty sure there are recipes online!

  1. Viola

    Not to be too Debbie Downer-ish but isn’t that basically jello? A liquid, a sweetener, and a gelling agent? Don’t get me wrong, sometimes jello hits the spot, but who knew it could be so trendy? 😀

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      Ha ha! Yes it’s actually LESS flavorful than jello. Agar Agar firms up differently than gelatin, though, so the mouthfeel is a little more “fancy.”

      1. Viola

        I think you’ve hit their marketing strategy! Raindrop Cake! It’s not as good as jello! hahahaha 🙂 I’ve got some agar agar on order to try and make a vegan mirror glaze (for a cake) so maybe I’ll try something like this for that mouthfeel effect.

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