My Summer Wardrobe 2016

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My summer wardrobe every single year looks pretty much the same since I was a little kid – shorts, T-shirt, bathing suit, hat.  But as I get older, I’m a little more particular about what goes on my body.  Less fabric doesn’t mean I want to sacrifice softness, structure, and style.  Here are four staples that I keep reaching for, even on my laziest days.  They’re all available at Shopbop.

my summer wardrobe

  1. Joie Beso Shorts – In general, I keep track of my weight by how tight my pants are.  But during the summer my stomach size fluctuates a lot.  Maybe because I’m eating ice cream for breakfast so often?  I don’t like feeling guilty when I’m on vacation.  And so I always pack these shorts which are flexible and forgiving.  They’re my go-to when visiting theme parks.  They’re dry-clean-only, though, so you gotta be careful with that ice cream.
  2. Free People Cake Tee – I’m team V-neck when it comes to T-shirts.  This particular one is tight where it needs to be, and not-too-clingy in the stomach area (see above).  I shove this number under blazers, too, and it looks pretty chic.  You can see it in action in this Live Video.
  3. Kate Spade New York Bolsa Chica High Waisted Bottoms – Do you see a theme going on here with my tummy?  I’ve discussed my love/hate relationship with this part of my body before; and I’ve just accepted that I will never go all Britney circa 1999 when it comes to bathing suits (I don’t even know if Britney will do that anymore, either).  It’s not like this bathing suit bottom tucks me all in (which honestly is uncomfortable – who wants to go swimming in Spanx) but the pattern on it distracts the eye from any bulges.
  4. Hat Attack Chunky Crochet Fedora – I actually haven’t worn this hat yet; I bought it after shooting my webseries CaringMickey Sumner’s character wears a lot of hats throughout and I just thought they were so cute and added so much personality.  When there’s too much floppiness going on, it screams I’M GOING TO THE BEACH and sometimes that’s just not where I’m headed.  This fedora feels a little more proper.