Lombardi House Wedding Brunch

A Lombardi House Wedding Brunch for Dave Boyle and Mye Hoang in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

The past few days have been emotional; we woke up, like the rest of the country, to the horrible news about Orlando.  I was grateful to be immediately surround myself with love  – Dave Boyle and Mye Hoang are having a  Lombardi House wedding brunch and it is helping focus on all that is good in the world.

Just MarriedLombardi House Wedding

Yes, there were bunnies – and if you follow me on social media you also saw a pig, a giant turtle, and an alpaca!


Mini donut appetizers from Donut Friend + gluten-free/vegan options from Erin McKenna’s Bakery (formerly known as BabyCakes NYC)…

Donut Friend

…I loved the little details – we took home our teeny tiny typewriter/name holders for our desk at home.
Lombardi House

Food by Heirloom LA – they also catered Emily Chang and Alex Ruben’s wedding.

Stuffed French Toast Heirloom LA Catering

Sadly, I had to sneak out before any of the real action (speeches + dessert) because I had to shoot Growing Apart, a short film.  We wrapped at 2am last night and I’m just catching up with the world again today.


Hoping you and your loved ones are safe.  Ror Gun Control 101 I recommend Making a Killing – a documentary my Uncle Robert directed with ways to understand what is going on in our country, and how to take action.