Vegan Disneyland Food

Vegan Disneyland Food – Dolewhip and Mickey Pretzels!

I usually eat vegetarian when I’m at Disneyland, just because I’m always with Abe and we’re sharing food.  We don’t really think about what’s vegan, though, and since my most recent trip to the park was with Leslie, we had to!


For a mid-morning snack, the three of us split two Mickey Mouse pretzels with mustard.  Leslie put some sweet relish on hers – I try some too, and it isn’t that weird, surprisingly.

Mickey PretzelDisney Pretzel

In Disneyland Foods You Have to Try I include a pretzel stuffed with cream cheese in it.  Obviously, do not order that one if you’re vegan.

For lunch, Leslie and I both had the Grilled Vegetable and Whole Grain Salad from the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe.   There’s a breadstick that may/may not be vegan; she didn’t eat hers.  Neither did I – it is hard as a rock.  Even though it isn’t that bad, I wouldn’t recommend this meal – go for the gumbo instead.

Vegan Salad at Disneyland

I am surprised to see that two other favorites of mine featured on that same list ARE okay for Leslie – Dolewhip


…and popcorn – they use an artificial/dairy-free “butter.”


Here’s a little video!

Video: Eating Vegan at Disneyland


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