Napa Valley Grille

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Remember in college, whenever your roomate’s parents would visit, and if you looked pathetic enough they’d let you tag along on a fancy dinner?  For those of you who go to UCLA, practice your puppy dog eyes and pray they take you to Napa Valley Grille, the 15-year-old Westwood institution which recently underwent a $2,000,000 renovation.

napa valley grille


Even though we aren’t students anymore, Hilah and I were lucky enough to be treated to Chef Adrian Vela’s new menu.  Hearty salads filled with yumminess like roasted cauliflower, grapes, Grilled Kabocha Squash, and Indian Corn.
corn saladgrape salad lunch westwood

Also on the table – Oven Roasted Mussels with pancetta and charred tomatoes + homemade pickled veggies.

roasted musselspickled vegetables

A smoky eggplant + red pepper sandwich with ricotta, hummus, side of potato chips…

vegetable sandwich

potato chips

…and Braised Oxtail Pizza studded with potatoes and fresno chiles.
roasted vegetable flatbread vegetable flatbreadveggie flatbread

Make sure to save room for dessert – they make a seasonal fruit crisp (this was cherry) with homemade ice cream.

dessertcherry crumble

Our favorite was their Butterscotch Bread Pudding made from brioche, with brûlée marshmallows.  It’s crispy, yet soft and doused in a delicious brown sugar sauce (that somehow wasn’t overly sweet).

desserts napa valley grille



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