Mac and Cheese Pizza

Pizza Romana has Mac and Cheese Pizza – say what?  Watch how they make it.

YES.  The other pie we order at Pizza Romana is a Mac and Cheese Pizza!  When I see it on the menu I know immediately that we must have it.   This is basically a child’s dream come true.  Who am I kidding, this is my dream come true.

mac n cheese pizza

I am expecting little elbows of macaroni or ziti on top.  But they say they decide to leave the pasta off because it’s “too much.”

mac n cheese pizza mac n cheese pizza

As you can see from my reaction, it’s already pretty perfect the way it is.  My favorite part is how the cheese sauce becomes burnt and crispy on the top.  Kind of like those perfect, crisp edges in the casserole dish full of mac and cheese.  Usually you can find me fighting for those corners!

I did beg for the actual cheese sauce recipe, but alas, it is a secret and they did not give it to me.  I think if I ever make this at home, I’ll go for something pretty mild-tasting.  And then pile on the melting cheese on top for all the sharpness and flavor.

Video: Mac and Cheese Pizza


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