Let’s Go Crazy.

I feel like the world is getting crazier and crazier.  The other day I am sitting in my living room and hear the terrible screech of tires.  *CRASH.*  Looking outside, I see the driver, who rams his car into my neighbor’s (luckily no one was inside).  He backs up, and takes off.  Later this week, we have another hit-and-run on my street.  What is happening, world?

Between all the happy, beautiful photos you see on social media, life is happening.  Life is ending.  Life is crazy.  Don’t even get me started about this election.

coffee plus food

Lunch with Melanie at Coffee + Food, featuring Paleo Quiche

paleo quiche

The panel I did at C-100 last weekend is getting a lot of press.  I got vulnerable in The Hollywood Reporter about my career, and over at Recovery Warriors I’m an open book about my eating disorder history.  To be honest, I kinda feel like a mess most days but it’s comfortable one.  Does this mean I’m going crazy or just the opposite?  I mean, I popped a blood vessel in my eye (it’s okay now).  At any rate, it’s the first time in years I haven’t been blogging daily anymore.  If you did notice, there’s a reason.  I’m overwhelmed.  And for some reason, it’s totally okay.


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