A Day in Bend, OR

Spending the Day in Bend, Oregon.

Our trip to Bend, OR was short but sweet – we were there once before, when our cousin Rachel got married.  This time we skipped their rad candy store and checked out more of what this charming, small city has to offer.

8am: I stayed in my PJ’s and walked Julius to Backporch Coffee Roasters for some super moist banana bread.  We also stopped by Newport Ave Market to pick up some fruit.  Then, Abe and the rest of our family went biking on Phils Trail Complex.

12pm: Lunch at Spork, which offers a passport of food selections.  Ma Po Tofu (vegetarian style), Tacos (pork carnitas) and some Grilled Veggies (mushrooms, red bell peppers, and string beans).

spork bend oregon

3:30pm: Afternoon stroll with our cousin Leah along the Deschutes River.  People were swimming and fishing.  Julius had a drink, too.  I love when he does “real dog” stuff like that.

deschutes treesdeschutes river recreation areadeschutes river

7pm: Dinner at Deschutes (the Brewery) – Abe said this pretzel (with cheese/mustard) was one of the best ever.  Their Veggie Burger, Fries, and Kale Salad also got a thumbs up.

veggie burger

8pm: A couple rounds of pool at Duda’s Billiards Bar, followed by an early bedtime.

pool bend oregon

7:30am: We hit the road!  The Sparrow Bakery opens early and is stocked with all kinds of lovely breakfast options.  We ordered their famous Ocean Roll, to go.
the sparrow bakeryocean roll

Ahhhh, Bend Life.  Definitely consider a visit, especially if you love outdoor sports/camping.  And if you telecommute/are looking for an idyllic place to live, reach out to my cousin Rachel – she’s a real estate agent there!


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  1. miriam

    Funny coincidence…we have elderly bananas, so I’m making banana bread this week, plus Pittsburgh’s new restaurant I’ve been meaning to try is also called Spork!

    Trip looks lovely, glad y’all enjoyed!

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