Hit the Road Jack

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Tomorrow is Abe and my lucky 13th Anniversary!  We’ve hit the road for a few days.  I plan to devour Padma Lakshmi’s new memoir and listen to a ton of podcasts.  We are going to blast 90’s music and sing it at the top of our lungs.  Julius is coming too, which is always fun since he loves hotels.  It also means we will be eating at not-so-fancy dog-friendly places, which is actually fine by me.  I’m living in these Solow leggings (perfect because they hold my tummy in without being too snug, and are not sheer) and these birks.

padma book

Not sure how much blogging I’ll be able to do, but I’ll still be active on social media!  Follow along on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Can you believe all this snow?  It’s here one hour, and then we drive later into the day, and it’s gone.

snow selfieroad trip

Something crazy happens to our car on the way – the front grill gets stolen while we are staying over in Redland, CA!  I do a bunch of research and see that it’s not serious, but we use painters tape to seal up the hole.  I’m afraid rocks/dirt will get in.  But all we end up with is a mess of half-blown off tape.



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