How a Food Blogger Doesn’t Gain Weight

Photographing the Foods Other People are Eating, from Choctal Ice Cream to Sriracha Beer.

Other People’s PLATES, of course.  I feel like I’m often photographing other people’s food more often than mine.  Because lately, I’m eating stuff like salad, plain fruit, and cutting out the carbs/sugar.  I’m still slowly shedding the pounds I gained over Christmas.  It’s seriously no biggie, but since I used to use this blog as a food journal I think it’s important to still let my readers know the truth about what I’m actually consuming.  And it’s none of this!

blueberry muffin

Abe’s Blueberry Muffin at Go Get Em Tiger

choctal ice cream

Choctal Single-Origin Ice Cream – I mistake it for yogurt for a second!

croft alley breakfast

Dawn McCoy’s eggs, toast, avocado, and bacon at Croft Alley

DogHaus Veggie Burger

Ava Maria Veggie Burger at Dog Haus – sautéed mushrooms, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and mayo

pitfire pizza

Pre-Parachute Girls screening with Emily at Pitfire Pizza

sriracha beer

Sriracha Beer – Abe says it isn’t as weird as he thought it’d be.

As a former binge eater, I used to always feel bad if I sat with someone and didn’t eat what they did.  But over the years, those feelings have dissipated.  I also no longer feel deprived because I know these foods aren’t truly off-limits, and the choice to eat them is mine.  I’ll lose this weight, but maybe I won’t.  Maybe I’ll gain even more weight – I mean, I am getting older and my metabolism isn’t what it used to be.  Well whatever happens, even if it’s not going in my stomach, I’ll continue to be fascinated by the world of food.  Tag your food photos on Instagram with #actorsdiet so I can see what all of you are eating!


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