Dilly’s Corner in New Hope, PA

Dilly’s Corner – an old-fashioned fast-food window service stand in New Hope, PA.

My last post from our recent trip to Pennsylvania!  When Abe and I first started dating – almost 20 years ago (!!!!) – we often stopped by Dilly’s Corner with his family.  Last September we saw a post that the place was for sale – not sure if they ever found new owners, but we were happy to see it was still open.


Here’s how I it looked the last time I visited (maybe 7 years ago)…

dilly's painting

…they enclosed the ordering window and added indoor seating, which we appreciated on a cold weekend.

dilly's corner ice creamdilly's corner

But some things never change, including their hand-dipped soft serve…

dilly's menu

…and ordering system (deck of cards instead of names).
dilly's card

Just as good as everyone remembered it.

chocolate dipped soft serve

Abe got some with jimmies.  Or sprinkles.  Or whatever you call them.


2 thoughts on “Dilly’s Corner in New Hope, PA

  1. Courtney of Savor Good

    fun and nostalgic! what’s the difference between soft serve and frozen yogurt?

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      They have different bases – frozen yogurt is yogurt, while soft serve is milk or cream.

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