Altamonte’s – Doylestown, PA

A look at the brand new Altamonte’s Italian Grocery and Deli in Doylestown, Bucks County, PA.

I don’t know what they’re called where you grew up, but in my neck of the woods (Cresskill, NJ) sandwiches on long rolls are known as “subs” or “heros.”  In the Philly area, they’re named “hoagies,” and that’s exactly what Abe wanted for his 40th birthday dinner.  We were going to visit his favorite (Primo’s) until we heard there was a brand new opening of Altomonte’s in Doylestown.

altomontes italian grocery


There’s an impressive deli counter with cold cuts, ready-made entrees/salads…


…and lots of delicious-sounding grab-n-go items.  Just look at that Cheesesteak Stromboli, I mean – you know that’s good…


…or Ricotta Pie?  I’ve never heard of this sweet Easter treat before, and think I’m going to have to make one myself.   Or do some research on where to get one in LA.

ricotta pie

Altomonte’s also has plenty of fresh produce, a grocery store, and a bakery.

flower cookies

March 19 was St. Joseph’s Day and these cakes were on display, basically Zeppoles with pastry cream.

st josephs cakes

We got a little Easter Egg Cake to stick a candle in…

easter egg cake

…and a lot of hoagie fixins.

shopping cart

Back at the house – DIY sandwiches…

sandwich fixins

My mini roll was stuffed with all the meats, plus mustard, Giardiniera Relish and tomatoes.  I placed it on top of some lettuce and a pickle.  That way, when all the filling falls out, there’s a delightful salad leftover.

turkey hoagie

I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who eats hoagies this way.


7 thoughts on “Altamonte’s – Doylestown, PA

  1. ELLIE

    I don’t think I have ever commented before, despite reading since the beginning! I have bookmarked/pinned 9 out of every 10 restaurants you mention on here and since I have booked flights and am actually going to come visit LA, I thought I would come out of lurking and say, “hello”. I am starting to feel a little stalker-ish going back over old posts re-reading reviews 🙂

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      Yeah! Hi Ellie! So glad you de-lurked and feel free to ask for any more recommendations while you’re in LA.

      1. ELLIE

        I might take you up on that! My current itinerary is starting to turn into a non-stop eating tour 🙂

  2. Alissa

    Hoagies FTW! Enjoying these photos, and feeling very nostalgic…I was born in Allentown, not too far from where you are.

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