McConnell’s Ice Cream – Studio City

McConnell’s Ice Cream is one of my favorites – I’m always eating their pints from the grocery store – and they just opened a new scoop shop in Studio City!

lynn chen food host

I’ve been to Grand Central Market location several times, but there’s a lot more space here to sample and eat!

mcconnells studio cityice cream menu

Been experimenting with Facebook Live lately (similar to Periscope, the one social media platform I am not on) – Abe and I broadcasted Wednesday morning from McConnell’s – thanks to everyone who joined in on the fun of choosing what to order!

mcconnellsmcconnells ice cream

Best toppings ever.  I mean, Pie Crust.  Who does that.

ice cream toppings

I wound up with this beauty…

ice cream sandwich

…while Abe ordered a more traditional cone…

ice cream cone

Watch what happened here – and if you’re on Facebook, subscribe to be notified next time I go live!


4 thoughts on “McConnell’s Ice Cream – Studio City

  1. Liz S.

    Such a fun video and extensive review! Thank you for sharing! Definitely love McConnell’s ice cream (especially their emphasis on quality ingredients and innovative flavor combinations). And your ice cream cookie sandwich creation was epic.

  2. Courtney of Savor Good

    i love the eureka lemon and marionberry flavor! cool that you can get two ice cream flavors in one cookie sammich, and yes yours looks epic! McConnell’s pints were half off at Vons about a month ago, and i waited too long to buy a slew of pints- so many flavors i would’ve wanted to try.

  3. Cara Smith

    Great….Great ….Great Thanks !!
    I really like this Ice cream its yummy and creamy… 🙂 I like its taste thanks for posting this here.

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