Banchan Bowls

One of my favorite parts about eating Korean food is all the free banchan you get with your meals.  I always end up filling up way too much on them, and Abe never really partakes because we’re not positive it’s vegetarian (most contain trace amounts of seafood).  We live near Koreatown, where the grocery stores sell the popular side dishes in little containers to go, for very little money.  Clearly labeled, so we know what’s inside.  I decided to buy a bunch one day and layer it on top of whole grains for quick Banchan Bowls.

Korean Veggie Bowl

This one had Spelt, Aburaage, seaweed salad, pickled turnips, and blanched soy bean sprouts/greens.

Asian Grain Bowl

They wound up lasting for days.  I did another couple rounds with a perfectly fried egg on top which reminded me of a vegetarian bibimbap.

Banchan Bowls


3 thoughts on “Banchan Bowls

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      Yes, we are very lucky in LA to have such a large Koreatown – I was just watching an Andrew Zimmern show where he went to MY local grocery store to eat Banchan!

  1. Courtney of Savor Good

    great idea!! we don’t go to a Korean market often enough (it’s about 25-30 minutes away) in the area of SD where all the good Chinese, Korean, etc. markets and restaurants are.

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