Podcast 63 – Lisa Ling

Podcast interview with journalist Lisa Ling about her diet, body image, and eating disorders.

My 63rd guest on The Actor’s Diet Podcast is Lisa Ling.  I KNOW!!!

Lisa Ling

In this episode we discuss food on the road, abroad, and at home.  We also talk a lot about the struggle with social media, body image and eating disorders.  I’m so grateful to Lisa for getting vulnerable with me.

Show Notes

Lisa Ling and Paul Song

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3 thoughts on “Podcast 63 – Lisa Ling

    1. brianmayroam

      I saw on her Insta that she attended a recent Black Sabbath show. Never would have thought she would be into heavier music, but it was great to see!

  1. brianmayroam

    Looking forward to listening this week. Hope u asked the ?s I submitted! 3 people I would love to hear on your podcast: Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins & Lisa Ray.

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