Vegan Ramen, Vegan Egg at Ramen Hood

Over on Snapchat I’ve been sharing the places we’re visiting in the sequel to my Only in LA BuzzFeed Video.  Located in Grand Central Market, Ramen Hood is one I’ll definitely be returning to, again and again.  Not sure if you can see in the sign, but it’s 100% Vegan Ramen!

Ramen Hood

As in, this is not an egg that came from a chicken.

Vegan Egg Vegan Ramen

Here’s how they make it.

Leonardo di Caprio

Chef Rahul Khopkar (above, the one who’s not Leonardo Di Caprio) and Top Chef Season 2 Winner Ilan Hall (The Gorbals) have created a rich and creamy broth out of sunflower seeds – crazy flavorful and addictive.  I want to go back soon and order some more, plus a Banh Mi Poutine.

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