Count Words, Not Calories with Lean Cuisine

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As I mention in early January, I have the Lean Cuisine Filter (#WeighThis Diet) attached to my computer, and my cable box, for the last month.  It’s an interesting experiment, especially since my own blog is responsible for the word “diet” being blocked out.  More than any other site I visit on a regular basis.

#WeighThis Diet Filter

Even though certain pages don’t actually use the word “Diet,” the dieting script is everywhere.  Juice cleanse + eat lighter + cut out sugar = fit into your pants again.  I still definitely feel the pressure to lose weight earlier in the month.  Then, somewhere around the 15th, it morphs into a “Break Your Diet” mentality.  All the websites I regularly visit are telling us to fall off the wagon, seemingly out of nowhere.

Weigh This Filter

Over on my TV, I notice a similar pattern.  They install the box before New Year’s, and it stays at 0.  It begins climbing, slowly after January 2nd.  And by January 4th it is lighting up on a regular basis.  What’s particularly interesting is the channels that have the word “diet” on them.  When we are watching news, comedy, or sports networks, there is nothing.  Once we switch over to shows targeting women – food, lifestyle, drama – it is advertisement after advertisement saying the “D” word over and over.

Lean Cuisine Diet Filter

Being made aware of this blatant targeting is really helping me keep perspective this month.  I recently go to the doctor for a checkup.  And even though I request for them not to inform me of the number on the scale (something I’ve done for the last few years) I do catch a glimpse of it.  It happens looking at my chart while dealing with payment.  There it is – six pounds heavier than the weight listed on all my acting size charts.  To come home, and hear/see my screens talking about how I need to lose those lbs makes me conscious that there is a force out there working against me.  And that the “You need to get rid of those six undesirable pounds” thoughts are not my own.  They’re somebody else’s.

At first, having the #WeighThis Diet Filter in my house is like a pet fish.  I’ll wake up in the morning, check to see how many times the channel I left it on is feeding on the word “diet.”  But then, it evolves into something a lot more interactive and nurturing.  I notice patterns.  I know what channels to start avoiding, and what times.  Whenever the TV mutes the word “diet” – sometimes I’ll try to figure out why the word even comes up in a show that has nothing to do about food, and sometimes I won’t.  I’m kinda bummed to have to give the box back, actually.  It counts the word “diet” over 600x in the last month alone.  How many more times will they subject us to these messages from now until the next Diet Deluge hits?

I have a feeling that when that time comes – in the summer, when they’re telling us we need to “look good” in our swimsuits – I need to remember what I’ve learned.  That there are more important things to weigh my value on.  And if I need inspiration, all I have do is head over to social media and check the #WeighThis hashtag.  Y’all should visit and share too!  I’m sure those extra six pounds, if they’re still around, will look just fine if I remember it’s MY choice how to view my body.  That decision will always be mine.

Full Disclosure: Lean Cuisine sponsored this post.  All words, ideas, and content are my own.  Thank you for supporting the partnerships that help make this blog possible!


4 thoughts on “Count Words, Not Calories with Lean Cuisine

  1. Wendy Lee

    This is an excellent post. I found it very helpful. I have also purchased some Lean Cuisine ravioli to try because I like to purchase from companies whose philosophies I agree with.
    Anyway, lots to think about. Thanks,Lynn

  2. Elizabeth

    Wow such a great post Lynn! I love this- why have I not seen your blog before. So glad I found it now. And I couldn’t agree more, why do diets fail… they start with “die”!!! Refrain those thoughts and let’s have the media focus on a new “healthstyle”, right?!

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