Rubies and Diamonds Cafe – Hollywood

This meal is hosted.

Rubies and Diamonds recently opened at Columbia Square in Hollywood.  Melanie Maras said I should check it out, so I did!

Rubies and DiamondsRubies and Diamonds

The cafe was actually bustling when we showed up on a Saturday afternoon; we managed to snap photos of all the empty corners.

Rubies and Diamonds

A sampling of all of their unique Nitro Chilled Beverages – everything from coffee (regular + decaf) to ginger ale and turmeric tea.   All were refreshing from the little bubbles – kinda like Kombucha, with a richness reminiscent of Guinness Beer.

Nitrogen Tea

I ordered the Creamy Matcha, slightly sweet from raw cane sugar.  (The same one we featured in our latest BuzzFeed Video.)

Matcha Scone Matcha Nitro Tea

Paired with a matching Green Tea Matcha Scone, studded with White Chocolate Chips.

Matcha Green Tea Scone

Rubies + Diamonds also has Rotis inspired by the countries where they source the coffee beans/tea leaves.  I’ll be back for lunch during the week to check those out sometime.


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