Button Mash – Arcade and Restaurant

GET EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Some posts warrant this many exclamation points!!!!!!!  Button Mash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

button mash arcade

Lynn Chenbutton mash menu

I already knew I’d love it even before they opened, because the menu is from my friends Nguyen and Thi (of Starry Kitchen) and I happily eat everything they touch.  This is an arcade.  This is a restaurant.

button mash

It is home.

plates and chopsticks

Their famous tofu balls are on the menu…

starry kitchen tofu balls

…in addition to some other fun vegetarian items.  Popiah (DIY Spring Rolls)…

echo park dinner DIY Spring Rolls

…Cheese Corn with Mayo…

Cheese Corn

…and Spicy Korean Cold Noodles with Watermelon.

Korean Cold Noodles with Watermelon

Must come back, eat more, and mash buttons!!!!!!!!!!button mash

FYI Kids are welcome before 9pm.  The parking situation is quite unpleasant – you better Uber/Lyft on over.

Video: 80’s Arcade Dinner – Button Mash