Popcorn Falafel at Souk Shawarma

This meal is hosted.

Souk Shawarma is opening in Downtown Los Angeles.  They are specializing in fast, Middle Eastern Food.  I get an invitation for lunch – we choose to come on the weekend, when it’s less-crowded.  This seems like the perfect place to grab a quick bite for all the nearby offices.
Vegan LunchShawarma

You can get your protein on a plate, or in a wrap – we are trying the latter, with Vegan Shawarma (made from non-GMO Soy Protein).  Tahini Sauce and Blistered Tomatoes, too.

vegan shawarmavegan shawarma wrap

I stick to a Kale Salad – with dates, walnuts, and oranges…

Kale Salad with oranges, walnuts, and dates

…and use half the dressing until I realize…
kale salad

…I should have some with hummus!  My favorite way to eat leafy greens.

homemade humus

The best is the Popcorn Falafel – deep fried balls of delight.  That’s what she said.

popcorn falafel

For dessert, stop by Sucre Sweets next door.   Mmmmmacarons.  There is no door in between the two spaces, so it almost seems like they’re part of the same place.

Macarons Sucre

FYI the parking situation is a little confusing.  We wound up in the wrong lot and wound up paying a pretty penny.  I can’t remember if they even validate for the “correct” lot, now that I’m thinking of it.