Kouign Amann – Civil Coffee

Visiting Civil Coffee in Highland Park and paying our respects to the Queen of Pastries: the Kouign Amann.

Practice your curtsy.  This pastry – Kouign  Amann – is royalty.  Pronounce it this way: “Queen A-Mahn.” I first had one when they began popping up all over Los Angeles bakeries a few years ago.  They are kinda intense, as their name suggests – translated from Breton as “Cake Butter.”  We found this guy at Civil Coffee.

kouign amann

It’s like a croissant with a caramelized crunch.  I swear, I feel sophisticated eating it.  Pinkies actually go up while I’m tearing it apart.
coffee and pastries

Civil Coffee is a charming little cafe in Highland Park (right by The Greyhound), with great coffee/tea, ambiance, floors…

Civil CoffeeCivil Coffee

…and yes, food.

kouign amann

All hail the queen!

P.S. Abe reports that the coffee here is amazing too.