Ladies Night: FOH Restaurant

This meal is hosted.

My social life has never been like Sex and the City, where I’m meeting one group of lady friends for lunches on a regular basis.  My friends are spread apart, in various groups – from the acting world, blogging, family, college, etc.  And since nearly everyone has kids, quality time is usually one-on-one, squeezed in between naps (in places like playgrounds).

When Front of the House invited me and 7 friends to dinner at their newly opened restaurant downtown, I decided to mix things up.  Anna Gilbert Zupon, Christy Meyers, Leslie Durso, Dawn McCoy, Melanie Maras, Emily Chang, and Amy Kidd have all been a part of my life for years now. But just not at the same time.

Or even the same table.foh restaurant

The space is huge!  Two dining rooms…
foh restaurant foh restaurant

…and a bar area for hanging out.

foh restaurantfoh restaurant

The ladies channel their inner Samanthas with some sexy cocktails…

Cocktailsnon alcoholic cocktail

…and then we we start some marathon eating!

chips and salsa Chef Rodrigo Cabeza de Vaca brings his Mexican expertise to the menu, and is also just about the most charming man ever.  He makes vegan versions of his Leche de Tigre for Leslie…

Leche de Tigre: Shrimp, avocado, garlic, cilantro, serrano, coconut leslie durso

…beet salad…

Beet Salad

…a tofu entree…

vegan dinner option

…and seafood-less tacos.

Christy Meyers, Leslie Durso

For the rest of us carnivores, we enjoy meat versions of everything.  These jicama wraps are filled with fried cod.
Seafood Tacos: Tempura fried cod or shrimp, jicama wrap Front of the House Restaurant

Next comes the Octopus…
Greek octopus, quinoa, couscous

…Lamb (with the most heavenly mashed potatoes)…


…and a platter of Argentinian Steak, Chorizo, Bread, and Potato Salad.


My favorite is the Truffle Spaghetti – you can get it with chicken or chorizo, if you’d like.
Spaghetti: Truffle, olive oil and chicken Spaghetti: Truffle, olive oil and chorizo

The Chef’s specialty, Enconstrado (Bacalao Fish with a tortilla crust, cactus salad, and pesto) is a must-try too.

There are only two things on the dessert menu.  One is a Deconstructed Brownie with Key Lime Cream, Berries/Basil/Balsamic Glaze…

…and finally, buñuelos – fried dough with ricotta, cinnamon sugar, and lechera.  It kinda reminds me of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in warm donut form.


Many thanks to FOH Restaurant for their delicious generosity, hospitality, and giving us the opportunity to finally connect!  You can follow them on social media for special events  – like speed dating, which is actually going on in the room next to us!Ladies Night


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