Mason Jar Meals – Let’s Eat Out of Jars

My Go-To Mason Jar Meals: Salad in a Jar and a Yogurt Parfait.

I’ve got a theory.  Mason jar meals taste better because they remind us of being babies.  For instance, this leftover Vietnamese Chicken Salad was so sad sitting in its container.  However, it is utterly delightful eaten out of a Ball Canning Jar.  I think it has something to do of what the fork feels like hitting glass, rather than squishy styrofoam.

And having your hand wrapped around the jar is reminiscent of eating a pint of ice cream.  (Sidebar: why don’t they make ice cream in mason jars?!?)

Salad in a JarChicken Salad in a Jar

I am convinced that the following are more delicious in jars – soup, pasta, cake, and eggs.  But there is nothing more classic to me than a yogurt parfait.

Stonyfield Yogurt + Ball Mason Jar Yogurt Parfait Jam Yogurt

Simple, with just layers of plain fat-free Stonyfield, Red Han Cannery Jam and Flagstone Pantry Granola.  Those two items are birthday gifts from Emily Chang.  I am a fan of big clumpy granola in my parfait.

Jam Yogurt Jar

Make it the night before, seal it up, and take it to work with a spoon…

Yogurt Granola Jam Parfait in a Jar

…in my case, my office is my living room.  But still, it travels well.

Yogurt Granola Parfait

Stonyfield Yogurt and Ball Canning are sponsoring this post, but all opinions are my own.


3 thoughts on “Mason Jar Meals – Let’s Eat Out of Jars

  1. Danai @ Living, Learning, Eating

    I love eating out of jars – especially yogurt parfaits! I think it always looks so much cuter <3

  2. Courtney of Savor Good

    I don’t normally eat out of jars, but the photos have convinced me they do make everything taste better! and, great idea on the simple yogurt parfait.

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