Netflix and Chilly: Elisabeth Subrin

Since it’s officially cold, I grant us all permission to snuggle under the covers all day, binge on Netflix, and eat in bed.  You all know what I’m watching/eating, now I’ve asked some of my favorite Artists and Tastemakers to share their current favorites.  These are their words, and their photographs.

My Kitchen Quinoa Bowl

Who Director Elisabeth Subrin.

What She’s Watching –  In major work benders (like trying to finish a film while raising money for it), episodic TV is my go-to. It’s like a well-deserved drink at the end of the night.  A cuddling up with my fictional friends.

Broadchurch: I cannot put down this BBC mystery series about the unraveling of a small coastal town’s community after a local boy has been murdered. I am hooked by the intense interweaving of interpersonal dynamics, secrets and lies that keep shifting our own allegiances as we try to make sense of the crime.  Alongside the strong cast – including the investigators David Tennant and Olivia Coleman.  And in the second season, the addition of the incredible Charlotte Rampling and Marianne Jean-Baptiste sparring off in the court room.

Master of None: So, while, like many hip TV series, Masters of None deals with economically privileged and well educated 20/30 something New Yorkers, Asiz Ansari’s romantic comedy series presents New York as a place where people of color are not side kicks or “themes.” But actual people with complex lives and problems, interesting parents (including his own real parents), diverse backgrounds, and the resulting consistent challenging of assumptions, which instead of being a “message,” is just smart and funny.

What She’s Eating –  Take out from My Kitchen In Brooklyn.  I’m a health freak, but when working a lot, it has to be easy and delicious. Right now I’m completely obsessed with this incredible little Japanese-owned cafe in my Brooklyn neighborhood.  It specializes in Japanese tea, delicious natural foods, amazake smoothies and matcha lattes. I probably eat four quinoa bowls from My Kitchen a week. They make it with a tri-color quinoa and amazke tossed kale.  And they top it with tofu egg salad, grilled tempeh, pickled red cabbage and a to-die-for Japanese carrot dressing.

Amazke is a historical Japanese energy drink.  It is made with fermented Koji (rice germ) to produce a rice milk high in nutrients and probiotics. It’s everything-free, but delicious as a base for their Amazke smoothies.  Especially the pumpkin one, which tastes like a Thanksgiving dessert.  The most dangerous thing in the store is their homemade granola, especially the miso one, and curry-turmeric.   They sweeten it only with maple syrup. It is utterly impossible to eat just a bite.

Miso Granola



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  1. Gail Flackett

    There is a person named Betsy Subrin that is from Newton. I think she went to Newton North where Jen attended.

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