Archie McPhee

A visit to the Archie McPhee store in Seattle.

Abe grew up a big fan of the Archie McPhee catalog – so of course we had to visit the store in Seattle!

Archie McPhee

This was 75% of my  Snapchat feed yesterday – you may still be able to catch it (username @mslynnchen).

Archie McPheeArchie McPhee

It’s very hashtag-worthy.

Introvert OrnamentLiterally.Hashtag Ornamet

Here’s where you go to stuff all the stockings, and the weddings…

Gay Wedding Toppers Gay Wedding Toppers

…and the birthdays.

? Birthday Candle

There’s a strong food theme…

Corn TrophyArchie McPhee

…but also a lot of squirrels and unicorns, too.

Squirrel FeederUnicorn Finger PuppetSquirrel Underpants

A collector’s heaven!!!

Snow Globes Archie McPhee

You can buy a lot online, but it’s so much more fun in person.

Cool Thank You Bags


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