Binge Watch: Master of None

Plan on binge watching Master of None on Netflix?  Here’s what you will want to eat (mindfully, of course).

I had the pleasure of meeting Aziz Ansari once, when I first started blogging six years ago at a food event, Plate by Plate.  He is a fellow food lover, and I am definitely paying attention to all the delicious details while devouring his new show Master of None (all 10 episodes) in 1 week.  It is on Netflix streaming now, and there is so much food in it.

Master of None

You’ll want to go out to eat Chinese Food, but only with your parents.  Try ordering Carnitas Tacos from a truck.  Grab a bottle of BBQ White Sauce in Nashville.  Devour some Chicken and Crepes.  Make a vegetarian version of Pasta Carbonara and shove all the noodles in your mouth.  Freshly Squeeze some Orange Juice and Cortados.  Take the kids out for Vanilla Frozen Yogurt.  Get Chicken Parmesan Sandwich delivery.  Stand in line at King Kong Banana Split.  Sip on some Martinelli’s Apple Juice.

Master of None Chinese Food

I watch so many Food Network shows, that I really appreciate a show that’s about food, but not ABOUT food, you know?  Also, how it’s wonderful to see so many Asian-American faces on my screen.  At the same time.


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  1. wearenotmartha

    My husband and I are getting set to watch his series, so I might just have to take advantage of this menu 🙂


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